iTop Data Protector

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Data protection software is a simple but powerful tool. They empower you to protect your data and privacy from any kind of possible threats. 

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This product is only valid for Windows, please choose the right version.

Top Data Protector:
Best Folder Lock to Protect Your Files

  • Protect folders with passwords to block unauthorized access
  • Hide private files, photos, videos and data from prying eyes
  • Avoid outsiders to view, modify or delete your documents
  • Stop ransomware from hijacking your computer files

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Important folders you can lock with Top Data Protector

  • Business contract
    Hide folders enclosing contracts, agreements or other confidential documents to avoid data breaches and file corruption.
  • Personal sensitive data
    Family photos, videos, medical history documents or anything which is sensitive and needs to be saved in locked folders.
  • Client data
    Everyone who deals with client data as financial records or medical reports must make sure that they are password protected and can not be accessed.
  • Personal creative works
    Original creative works such as songs, videos or coding documents are so valuable that putting them in a "safety box" with Top Data Protector becomes more than necessary.
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